Artist Matsuno has joined, and added 2 new artworks.



We have started selling art works by Japanese-style painter "Kana Matsuno".

The number of artists has increased for the first time since ARTiATE started. I had you look at Instagram and contacted me.

With materials that have very beautiful and delicate colors and textures of Japanese painting I hope you enjoy the theme of Mr. Matsuno, "Sometimes subtleties."

1. "Essential Person"
Year : 2009
Size : 319×319×40mm
Material : washi, mineral pigments
Form : Framed



2. "Premiere"
Year : 2011
Size : 300×200×39mm
Material : washi, mineral pigments, sumi
Form : Framed



Profile : Japanese Paintings

Born in Tokyo, raised in Chiba.

Graduated from Tama Art University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Painting, Japanese Painting Major.

Currently, active mainly in solo and group exhibitions.


I mainly use Japanese Painting materials with beautiful and delicate colors and textures, such as mineral pigments and foil,
and I'd like to draw "Delicate signs of Sometimes" with the help of those painting materials.

In addition, I'm making it so that those who watched my work can imagine various things and enjoy it.

Even if you look at the same work,
the impression you received today may differ from what you feel on different days, different times, or even in different spaces.

It'd be a great opportunity for me to think about everyday events,
and I'd be happy if you could see the work over many years.